Volkswagen: Side Assist YouTube ad

Volkswagen used YouTube’s timeline video picture preview feature in a simple and straightforward way to show the difference VW’s Side Assist technology makes in people’s lives. Yet again simple yet innovative work from AlmapBBDO, Brazil.

Volkswagen: Automatic Skip Ad

More brilliant Volkswagen YouTube work from AlmapBBDO. They created the above YouTube pre-roll ad that showed odd the benefits of the VW seamless DSG Tiptronic transmission by seamlessly automatically pressing the skip button at the end of the 5 second… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Beetle Slowmercial

DDB Brussels found that local research showed that more than 1 out of 3 Belgians watch their favourite TV shows in delayed-viewing mode. Of those viewers about 80% prefer to skip commercial breaks. With that in mind DDB and Volkswagen… Continue Reading

VW: Find Your One

The New Golf’s latest campaign is called The One (as it’s the only car you will ever need). I thought that given the cars launch month coincides with valentines day it would be good to create something quick, easy, and… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Street Quest

Our digital@Ogilvy team have just launched the Volkswagen Street Quest. Street Quest is a Facebook challenge to find and ‘Pin’ as many Volkswagens on South African roads as possible, using Google’s Street View application. The game is played over four… Continue Reading

VW: The Original Click

Wonderful work for VW Original Parts by AlmapBBDO, Brazil. They took out a targeted YouTube banner campaign that directed people from imitation copies of viral videos, to the actual originals! Simple, but great.

Volkswagen Polo: Fire Truck & Sightseeing commercials

It’s always nice to want to showcase new work from the agency I work with, Ogilvy Cape Town. The ad was made in order to showcase some of the current retail offers for the VW Polo. Credits Exec Creative Director:… Continue Reading

Forever Wild: YouTube Interventions

It’s always nice to be able to feature work that I helped on at Ogilvy, especially when its for a good cause. Last year through an introduction from one of our other clients, Volkswagen, we started to help the Wilderness… Continue Reading

Best ads from the Super Bowl 2012

Firstly congratulations to the New York Giants for winning the 46th The Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. The Super Bowl is almost always the most watched American television program of the year and last year drew an average… Continue Reading

VW: The Dog Strikes Back (Super Bowl 2012)

When Volkswagen released their teaser trailer for the upcoming Super Bowl ad (now with over 10million views), I had a feeling the actual main ad would be a hard act to live up to. Above is the resulting campaign, its… Continue Reading