Facebook: News Feed Redesign

Take a look at Facebook’s upcoming new news feed design. The new design aims to take away a lot of the clutter, give more info on links/pictures, and replicate the functionality across mobile and tablet devices. If you have ever… Continue Reading

Facebook: The Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook yesterday shared the below infographic showing some great new global stats around Facebook usage as well as some insights for Facebook advertising.

Facebook: Infographic Project

Wonderful infographic from Jean-Jacques Parys who created the above facebook clip for a 4 week university infographic project. The video explores facebook in modern society and its our impact on our social lives.

Facebook: Infographic

Great infographic by http://www.onlineschools.org/. Although the data is a little old (facebook has well over 500 million users already) and its pretty USA related it still gives a useful snapshot of the most western worlds most loved social network.

A Life On Facebook: Alex Droner

Stunning short clip of a fictional mans life through facebook. The clip was made by French CG artist Maxime Luere and whirls through the fictional life of Alex Droner using Facebook.

Cell C: Sunday Times Trevor Noah Apology

South African mobile network provider Cell C made a very clever print ad in yesterdays Sunday Times. The company placed a full page ad on the back page of the main section, the ad was an apology letter directed at… Continue Reading