Newcastle Brown Ale invites small brands to share a Super Bowl ad

Newcastle Brown Ale wants to split the tab on a Super Bowl ad with other brands. The campaign features actress Aubrey Plaza, andĀ asks small brands across the USA to chip in an buy a Super Bowl ad with them. To… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale give $1 cheques to 50,0000 twitter followers

Newcastle Brown Ale want more twitter followers, so rather than lure them with a Twitter ad spend drive or clever hashtag / content campaigns, they are simply giving $1 cheques to the next 50,000 people that follow them.So far they… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale:

Newcastle Brown Ale and Droga5 have just created this brilliant teaser for an ad they never made that they could have shown at the Super Bowl. The ad leads you to where you can watch more entertaining teasers for… Continue Reading