Intel: Intelligent sounds

To showcase the potential of tablets with Intel processors inside, Intel collaborated with Flume Music. Using Intel tablets, robots, and some instruments they created the below especially composed track. The impressive work was made by ad agency The Monkeys in… Continue Reading

KLM: Dream Catcher

KLM and digital agency Britny, has created a wonderful tool called Dream Catcher that crowd sources all the best places to go for your chosen holiday destination. Some of the best “ads” nowadays are not really ads, they often are… Continue Reading

Harvard-MIT: Medical Mirror

We are fast entering the world of the internet of things (i.e. Everyday objects and devises all intelligently connected to the web). Above is a pretty incredible new device from the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. The device is… Continue Reading

Lynx: Get Le Girl app

Lynx have created an interesting mobile app for chaps jetting off on holiday called “Get Le Girl” app. Basically it gives guys appropriate, or inappropriate chat up lines for them to try out on girls abroad. If the guys use… Continue Reading

How To Name Things

Spotted this brilliant presentation by Amber Horsburgh & Victor Pineiro from ad agency Big Spaceship. The presi shares 10 free tools to help you name companies, ideas, products, websites and campaigns. Is also useful for brainstorms, writing copy (especially for… Continue Reading

Nike: Laser Court

Nice idea from Nike. To help promote their new Nike FC247 football boots that can be used on any surface, they created a portable laser projector rig then enables you to project a football pitch on any surface. Would be… Continue Reading

Guardian: An Introduction to GuardianWitness

Wonderful idea from the Guardian in the UK. They have decided to open a dedicated crowd sourced news hub called GuardianWitness. The public provide the content and the Guardian team do the editing, as well as help to provide some… Continue Reading

Intel: Digital Easter Hunt

It’s not often I get to put some of my own work on this site, but the above is the latest work I had the pleasure of helping to create for Intel South Africa. We were asked to come up… Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Poster

South Korean movie distributer CJ Entertainment mostly used posters to publicise their movies, however they were ineffective, so their ad agency Cheil decided to try something a little different. They installed routers behind the posters, turning them into Wi-Fi hotspots.… Continue Reading

The World first 3D Photo booth: OMOTE 3D

If you happen to be in Tokyo you can pop into The World first 3D Photo booth and have a miniature model of you / your friends and family in 3D. As this is still early days there are a… Continue Reading