The Voice YouTube pre-roll ad singing contest

Really smart work to promote The Voice singing contest in Brazil using YouTube pre-roll ads. They got musicians to play in the pre-roll ads, if you didn’t skip the ad after 5 seconds the singers won and got to play… Continue Reading

Nike creates really tiny shoe boxes to ship it’s new flexible sneakers

Nike have created an ultra small shoe boxes to innovatively pack their new Nike Free range of very flexible sneakers. The box is one third the size of a regular box.This smart and simple idea is not yet global, but seems… Continue Reading

Social experiment #FuckThePoor

To see whether people really care about those less fortunate, a UK poverty charity got a man to walk the streets of London with a sign while shouting #FuckThePoor.Watch how the story unfolds in the video below.This social experiment is… Continue Reading

Fructis: Goodbye Damage

Interesting stunt for Garnier Fructis hair product by Publicis, Lisboa. They created the above interactive billboard that got people to answer a phone and listen to a message from a girl dressed in a prison outfit. Nice idea to capture… Continue Reading

MINI: Don’t make up and drive

To help raise awareness to women in Mexico on the hazards of putting on make up while driving, Mini created the above campaign. They removed the soap dispensers in girls bathrooms and then while they were doing their make up,… Continue Reading

ORPHEA: Billboard Trap

Interesting work from Publicis Italy, for outdoor insect spray, ORPHEA 4D. As you will see above they managed to turn a large billboard into a giant insect trap. They positioned an image of the can and then placed glue in… Continue Reading

Renault: The ultimate speed date

Publicis Brussels made this nice viral for the launch of the new Renault Clio RS: a speed dating in every sense of the word with real "speed daters" in search of their soul mate. Among them is Caroline. Watch the… Continue Reading

Publicis Groupe: Maurice Lévy’s interactive Wishes for 2013

Each year since 2010 Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy has created an end of year greeting clip to send to staff and clients. But this year it’s different, they created an interactive YouTube Channel for the clip. When you skip… Continue Reading

Orange: Surf as fast as you think

Nice work from Publicis Conseil, France, for Mobile Phone operator Orange. The ad helps to launch their new range of Intel powered phones.

Top 15 ads of 2011

2011 has been my first year of being officially with Ogilvy South Africa. It’s been incredible to watch the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something that we see, and for the most part ignore, every day hundreds… Continue Reading