Fuzz Bar: Street Waxing

Fun activation idea from Lowe Roche for the Fuzz Bar Wax Team in Toronto. They hired a male model to walk around the streets with wax strips attached to his body. People could grab a strip and rip it off,… Continue Reading

VW: Golf R Reflex Test

To find out if you have the reflexes to handle the new Golf R Ogilvy Cape Town have created this great game to test you (available as an interactive banner ad & website at present). The game was developed in… Continue Reading

Audi Quattro: Magnet Cars

Great PR stunt by Lowe Roche, Canada, for Audi. To show how well the legendary Audi quattro all-wheel drive system sticks to the road they attached Super-powerful rare-earth magnets to miniature models of Audi vehicles, which were then stuck on… Continue Reading