McDonalds: Fry Lights Billboard

Lovely billboard work from Leo Burnett for McDonalds, simple yellow billboard spotlights pointing skyward that can be seen from up to 3 miles away, with the copy “Best Fries on the Planet”.

McDonalds: Best Fries in the World

Very fun work from Leo Burnett for McDonalds. Am not sure French fries would make an ideal fishing lure, or even that they travel well for that matter, however, still give it the thumbs up.

Samsung: Galaxy S2

Great work by Leo Burnett, Chicago, for Samsung’s new Galaxy S2 android phone. A little reminiscent of the Apple rather inspiring “Think Different” commercial that has been re-doing the rounds recently.

Jeep: Twitter Profile Puzzle #jeeppuzzle

Leo Burnett, Iberia, has come up with an interesting idea for a campaign using Jeep’s twitter profile. The basic idea is that you follow!/jeeppuzzle then follow the instructions or look at the video above. All you need to do… Continue Reading

Tropical beer: Worlds Largest Beach Towel

Lovely digital interactive effort from Leo Burnett, Iberia for Tropical beer. For the camping they basically set out to make the Guinness world record for the worlds largest beach towel, and have a party on it to celebrate (with Tropical… Continue Reading

James Ready Beer: Billboard Coupon

James Ready Beer and Leo Burnett Toronto teamed up for this stunning billboard campaign. So simple yet so effective, they essentially combined coupons with billboards to create billboard coupons. All people had to do was take a picture of the… Continue Reading

Samsung: Ozzy Osbourne new band ad (Solstice phone)

Another gem from Leo Burnett, Chicago, for the new Samsung Solstice touch screen phone. A monkey playing a guitar can never fail ! For the last hilarious Samsung ad for the Alias phone also featuring Ozzy Osbourne just click here… Continue Reading

Ozzy Osbourne Samsung voodoo ad (Alias 2 phone)

Very funny little number from Samsung for their smart new Alias 2 smart phone. The phone uses E-ink technology and an accelerometer to make sure that no matter which way you open the phone the keyboard is always the right… Continue Reading