New Lifebuoy gadget eliminates bacteria from shopping trolleys

Antibacterial soap company Lifebuoy have created a gadget to eliminate the dangers of bacteria found on supermarket shopping trolleys. A refillable disk attaches to the trolley handle bar and can be swiped along it to apply a thin layer of sanitiser liquid, killing 99.9% of bacteria, making… Continue Reading

Probably the best billboard in the world

Carlsberg lager have created what probably is the best billboard in the world…especially if you enjoy beer. Together with their agency Fold7 they put up a free beer dispensing billboard in Brick Lane, London. Over 1400 people managed to get… Continue Reading

Uber breathalyser lets you take free rides when drunk

Uber Canada set up a breathalyser post for partygoers to encourage them to get home safe. All people needed to do was to blow through a disposable straw for six seconds, the unit then analysed the alcohol content in your breath. If you were… Continue Reading

Whiskas create Instagram for your cat

Whiskas and their agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney have created a wearable device for cats that posts pictures of their adventures. The device is collar worn camera that’s activated by motion and takes 6 pictures a minute, the owner can then browse the pictures… Continue Reading

Amazon creates a physical button that makes sure you never run out of essentials

Amazon has just launched a cheap and small physical device that allows you to one click order your favourite household goods. The device is called the Dash Button, it’s an internet of things type device that pairs to your phone and Amazon prime… Continue Reading

Samsung create the world’s first live virtual reality birth

Samsung have used their VR Gear virtual reality headset to help a father away from home witness the birth of his new baby boy. They used a 3D camera, hooked up via a live streaming kit, and a Note 4 to… Continue Reading

Is it an ad? is it a film?…Intel’s new project

Intel and Dell have released the trailer for their upcoming new film titled “What Lives Inside“. The film tells the story of a son’s journey of creative self-discovery after the death of his father and his discovery of a mysterious world of his… Continue Reading

Scroll through the story of the killing of Jesus

If you are interested in Jesus you will be glad to know the National Geographic has just created a rather great scrollable website showing the story of his death from different perspectives. The scrollable story site is part of a promo… Continue Reading

Honda’s epic new ads tests your speed reading ability

The smart folks at W+K London have created a wonderful series of YouTube ads for Honda that test your speed reading ability. It’s kind of a smart execution of another speed reading campaign last year from Cellcom. Normally, a person reads… Continue Reading

The Voice YouTube pre-roll ad singing contest

Really smart work to promote The Voice singing contest in Brazil using YouTube pre-roll ads. They got musicians to play in the pre-roll ads, if you didn’t skip the ad after 5 seconds the singers won and got to play… Continue Reading