Is it an ad? is it a film?…Intel’s new project

Intel and Dell have released the trailer for their upcoming new film titled “What Lives Inside“. The film tells the story of a son’s journey of creative self-discovery after the death of his father and his discovery of a mysterious world of his… Continue Reading

Honda’s epic new ads tests your speed reading ability

The smart folks at W+K London have created a wonderful series of YouTube ads for Honda that test your speed reading ability. It’s kind of a smart execution of another speed reading campaign last year from Cellcom. Normally, a person reads… Continue Reading

Sport England Celebrates Real Women

Sport England earlier in the year launched an impressive campaign celebrating active women, no matter how well they train, or how they look. The work is not too dissimilar at heart to the Dove campaign for real beauty. It’s beautifully shot,… Continue Reading

New Oscar ads capture the small moments

Ad Agency 180LA has come up with a series of wonderful ads for the Oscars. Each one captures a unique brief moment, whether it’s the moment people realise they’ve won, their final thank you, or just holding the Oscar for the… Continue Reading

Facebook’s new TV ads are all about Friendship

Facebook has released three new ads all talking about Friendship. The ads are all pretty powerful, great copy, great music too, check them out below. It looks like these ads were made in house by Facebook’s own creative team, if… Continue Reading

Watch a man in high heels twerk for MoneySuperMarket

UK insurance firm has launched another hilarious ad featuring a chap with a large bottom, tight short shorts, and high heels, twerking to“Don’t cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. The ad also feature Sharon Osbourn to top it off. Another great… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

The Harvey Nichols ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card

Harvey Nics is following on from last years multiple award winning campaign, with the Harvey Nichols ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card. If you’re fed up of receiving novelty Christmas onesies from Aunty Jo, then the ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card… Continue Reading

DStv ad shows the real Africa

DStv  has created a brilliantly shot campaign (+ great music) to help inspire young africans about Africa, and help correct some of the negative preconceptions about the continent. The ad uses the line “This is Africa. Not how they see it, but… Continue Reading

Smart Honda billboard shows how many items can fit into the car

Canadian agency Grip Limited have created a rather smart billboard execution to help promote the new 2015 Honda Fit. Each of the billboards cleverly show how many real size items people can fit into the car. So simple and really nicely done.