This Home Depot ad parody by John Oliver is fantastic

Last Week Tonight has created a wonderfully hilarious parody ad for Home Depot. The ad features Nick Offerman acting as a salesman who is helping / distracting a couple from having as series of near disastrous arguments. The ad was… Continue Reading

From the agency that brought you Catvertising, comes Reactvertising™

Ad agency John st, has a history of parodying at trends (Watch Pink Pony Case Study, and Catvertising), now they have come up with Reactvertising. Their own blurb below describes it best, be sure to watch the other linked clips at… Continue Reading

Mr Bean stars in new Snickers ad

In the latest Snickers ad they have enlisted the help of Mr Bean to demonstrates that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Below is the main spot and 2 additional ads also featuring Bean. Enjoy the entertainment. Work by AMV… Continue Reading

Jerry Seinfeld Gives a hilarious anti-advertising speech at the Clio Awards

Jerry Seinfeld gave a hilarious speech on advertising at last weeks 55th Clio Awards in New York. Some of the highlights included “I love advertising because I love lying,” and “Spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of… Continue Reading

New cook book asks that people Eat Like You Give a F*ck

The Thug Kitchen Cook Book is full of simple vegetarian recipes in plain English….with a large pinch of swear words. The book’s tag line fits with the ad and asks people to “Eat like you give a f*ck”. Debatable if… Continue Reading

Jeff Goldblum makes possibly the best light bulb ad ever

GE and BBDO New York have made possibly the best light bulb ad ever….admittedly there is likely little competition…but it’s still good. The ad features Jeff Goldblum showing off GE’s Link connected LED bulbs and Wink Hub, that allows you… Continue Reading

New ads will make you laugh

If you want a quick laugh enjoy these new ads for from Black River FC. Just a heads up, borrowing cash from short term loan companies like Wonga is rarely a good idea….still nice ads though.

Jean-Claude Van Damme makes an ice bar from fly kicks and Judo chops

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, and this time he’s kicking and punching together an Ice Bar for Coors Light. The above ad is a promo spot for a competition where you can win a trip to his Ice Bar in… Continue Reading

NBC Sports Premier League Short Film feat Jason Sudeikis nears 3m views

NBC Sports has created a 6min film short for their English Premier League coverage that’s been viewed almost 2 million times. The short features comedian Jason Sudeikis acting as a coach recently fired by Tottenham Hotspur,  and now back in… Continue Reading

This is a Generic Brand Video

Below is a brilliant piss take video based on a popular article called “This is a generic brand video”, written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency website.The ad was put together by stock video footage site “Dissolve”. The clip… Continue Reading