Design Indaba 2015 Day 1 Overview

It’s that time of year again, suddenly you realise it’s almost the end of February and wonder how you got here so fast, it’s also time for the annual Design Indaba. The Design Indaba is one of the world’s best… Continue Reading

Sport England Celebrates Real Women

Sport England earlier in the year launched an impressive campaign celebrating active women, no matter how well they train, or how they look. The work is not too dissimilar at heart to the Dove campaign for real beauty. It’s beautifully shot,… Continue Reading

People don’t care about the majority of branded content

Nice presentation from planner and ex-journalist Nigel Rahimpour. The deck shares some views and research on how little the majority of people care about brands on Social Media, and then offers some simple advice on how to get it right.

Best Super Bowl 2015 ads

This year is Super Bowl XLIX and now a 30sec TV ad sells for $4.5m. Below are the highlights of the 2015 Super Bowl ads. The game saw last years winners, the Seattle Seahawks, go up against the New England Patriots and lose… Continue Reading

The 5 Building Blocks of Culture

Recently Merriam-Webster declared Culture the 2014 word of the year. In life and work if we can better understand culture and what influences it, then our general happiness, and our work will be all the better for it. The short… Continue Reading

Google and Facebook share their 2014 year in review videos

It’s that time of year again when things start to draw to a close, and Google & Facebook have released their 2014 year in review videos. Last month was the first time Facebook video were watched more than YouTube videos… Continue Reading

Advertising for Startups

One of the things I do for Ogilvy is help mentor startups, and share some of the lessons learned in advertising. A while ago I was kindly asked to do a talk on advertising to a group of education startups… Continue Reading

Facebook create a series of Wes Anderson style “How To” videos

Facebook have created a series of really charming and well shot “How To” videos. The videos currently cover 4 common facebook tasks that are handy to know, namely, How To Block Someone, How To Untag a Photo, How To Share… Continue Reading

Sony shares the journey of film script to screen

Sony and W+K Portland have created a short ad showing the journey of a film script concept to screen. The ad helps share that Sony helps create great films at every step in the journey, so if you’re in the mark for a… Continue Reading

The Ross Chowles Creative Process

Ross Chowles is one of South Africa’s best creative directors and a true gentleman. He helped build a very successful agency called The Jupiter Drawing Room (named after a fictional brothel smoking room in Paris), has mentored and taught some… Continue Reading