Google use cute friendly animals for new Android ad

Get ready to see a tiger, a bear, an elephant,  dogs, cats and many more animals all getting along just fine. To launch their new Android “Be Together. Not the Same.” campaign, Google have used the power of cute animals. The… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale invites small brands to share a Super Bowl ad

Newcastle Brown Ale wants to split the tab on a Super Bowl ad with other brands. The campaign features actress Aubrey Plaza, and asks small brands across the USA to chip in an buy a Super Bowl ad with them. To… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

Wil Wheaton entertainingly punts Newcastle’s new Scotch Ale

Famous geek Wil Wheaton entertainingly punts Newcastle Brown Ale’s new beer, Newcastle Scotch Ale. Scotch Ale is a collaboration between Newcastle, and its Edinburgh-based sister brewery Caledonian. This is just the start of beer collaborations, and no nonsense ads from… Continue Reading

Sarah Silverman gets a sex change to help Close the women’s wage Gap

Comedian Sarah Silverman goes to drastic measures to avoid the wage gap. In this entertaining PSA for The National Women’s Law Center Sarah discusses the male/female wage gap (women in the USA earn on average 78c on the $1 compared… Continue Reading

Strongbow says its cider is best enjoyed with a slow mo horse

Strongbow cider’s new ad tells people it’s best enjoyed with ice, on a beach, with your very own slow motion horse…..called Brian. Simple and pretty funny, the ad was put together by Droga5, New York. Enjoy.

Newcastle Brown Ale give $1 cheques to 50,0000 twitter followers

Newcastle Brown Ale want more twitter followers, so rather than lure them with a Twitter ad spend drive or clever hashtag / content campaigns, they are simply giving $1 cheques to the next 50,000 people that follow them.So far they… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale:

Newcastle Brown Ale and Droga5 have just created this brilliant teaser for an ad they never made that they could have shown at the Super Bowl. The ad leads you to where you can watch more entertaining teasers for… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale: No Sound

Thought I would share this short but rather funny ad for Newcastle Brown Ale from ad agency Droga5, New York. There are 4 more short clips, if you fancy watching them, you can see view them at

Bing: DECODE JAY-Z (Cannes Winner)

Last week saw in the worlds annual advertising ego justification awards, namely Cannes. This above campaign won big for the Integrated and Titanium selection and have been looking for a case study video since its launch last year so here… Continue Reading