Super Bowl Car ad highlights

It’s that time of year again where big brands who can afford around $4million dollars to pay for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl (+ normally from $6million to make), start to share their work. Below are the… Continue Reading

VW: Get Happy (2013 Super Bowl Spot)

Volkswagen are channeling some Coca Cola style energy for their pre game Super Bowl ad. Volkswagen teamed up with reggae artist Jimmy Cliff and lots of YouTube stars to create some happiness from all the freak-outs, meltdowns, and temper tantrums shown online.… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Fast vs Fast

Volkswagen USA have challenged a Beat Boxer, Speed Talker, Rubik’s Cuber, and Speed Guitarist, to race Volkswagen cars around a track in order to pitch fast against fast. If you like the above Beat Boxer clip you can see the… Continue Reading

Best ads from the Super Bowl 2012

Firstly congratulations to the New York Giants for winning the 46th The Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. The Super Bowl is almost always the most watched American television program of the year and last year drew an average… Continue Reading

VW: The Dog Strikes Back (Super Bowl 2012)

When Volkswagen released their teaser trailer for the upcoming Super Bowl ad (now with over 10million views), I had a feeling the actual main ad would be a hard act to live up to. Above is the resulting campaign, its… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Star Wars Dogs

Deutsch LA have released the above new Volkswagen commercial featuring Dogs dressed up in Star Wars outfits, and barking/singing the films iconic "Imperial March” song. The commercial is a teaser for their upcoming super bowl TV ad that will be… Continue Reading