World famous light artist makes unique art with Infiniti cars

World famous light artist Patrick Rochon transformed three Infiniti cars in Dubai into moving light painting brushes to create giant colourful images. Supposedly this is the world’s first Light Painting featuring cars, to see the images, visit Work by TBWA RAAD,… Continue Reading

Watch a real truck jump over a speeding F1 car

EMC break a world record by jumping a real truck 83 feet, over a speeding Formula 1 Lotus car. At first I thought this was a fake….but it’s not, is pretty impressive. If you are wondering who EMC is, they… Continue Reading

Smart Honda billboard shows how many items can fit into the car

Canadian agency Grip Limited have created a rather smart billboard execution to help promote the new 2015 Honda Fit. Each of the billboards cleverly show how many real size items people can fit into the car. So simple and really nicely done.

Ken Block drives like a mad man in LA for Gymkhana Seven

Ken Block is at it again, this time driving a one off 845bhp, all wheel drive, Ford Mustang insanely fast and burning rubber all over the city of Los Angeles. This is the seventh in a series of Ken Block… Continue Reading

Ford create an interactive QR code print ad (and it works)

Ford and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel, have created a simple, yet smart interactive print ad for Ford. They made 3 magazine ads, each one has a phone outline and a QR code. When you scan the code and place… Continue Reading

Honda create a brilliant double sided interactive YouTube story for the new Civic

Honda have created a double sided story on YouTube to show off the new Civic in both the normal and R variants. The campaign, by Wieden + Kennedy London, allows you to see two parallel stories and switch between them… Continue Reading

Mercedes create an Instagram car builder

To celebrate the launch of the new GLA, Mercedes created the first “Build Your Own Car” mechanism on Instagram, allowing you to customize your own car in just a few taps. Just by using the tags feature you can pick the… Continue Reading

VW create a game of Tag using Twitter and real cars

To launch the new VW Polo in South Africa they created a game of tag using twitter and a bunch of the New Polo cars. For 6 days people could spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it… Continue Reading

The new Toyota Aygo can pee like a dog

Saatchi & Saatchi, Dusseldorf, created a Toyota Aygo that can lift up it’s rear and take a pee. The stunt used a hydraulic lift and a water pump to simulate the car relieving itself on other cars, a portable loo,… Continue Reading

Volvo Trucks Prank a Casino Valet on The Italian Riviera

Volvo Trucks are back with another stunt, except this time it’s more of a prank. Together with their agency Forsmann & Bodenfors, they take us to the Italian Riviera, where a Casino valet gets pranked. All the people in this… Continue Reading