New ads will make you laugh

If you want a quick laugh enjoy these new ads for from Black River FC. Just a heads up, borrowing cash from short term loan companies like Wonga is rarely a good idea….still nice ads though.

Nando’s: Anthem (Nkalakatha)

Another fun local ad from Nando’s, this time celebrating the national anthem Nando’s style. Work by Black River FC (Who really need to get a website already, has said under construction for over a year)

First For Woman: Top Gun

Quick share of two great funny ads from South African women’s insurance specialist, First For Woman. The two clips entertainingly show why men are a higher insurance risk than woman. Great work by Velocity Films and Black River FC.

Nando’s: Diversity

Black River FC and Nando’s have come up with another wonderful ad that was recently banned by the SABC!. The Nando’s Diversity campaign aims to force South Africans to question Xenophobia and intolerance. Great work.

Nando’s: Options

Wonderful ad parody from Nando’s and their agency Black River FC. To understand the above clip you will need to have seen the original popular clever ad for Sanlam featuring Ben Kingsley by another local agency King James.

Nando’s: Happy Birthday Mr President

Fantastic work from Nandos and their agency Black River FC for South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma’s (JZ) 70th birthday.

MINI: The MINI Cooper S Roadster Launch

One of the nice things about blogging for a long time is being invited to product launches, car launches are always a treat. MINI South Africa kindly invited me for an evening out test driving their new MINI Cooper S… Continue Reading

BBC Knowledge: Human Season

To mark the launch of BBC Knowledge’s new informative “Human Season”, the channel erected a 22m long Ice sculpture in Sandton Square this past weekend, the statue spelled out “In the Sahara your body loses 1L of water an hour”,… Continue Reading

Top 15 ads of 2011

2011 has been my first year of being officially with Ogilvy South Africa. It’s been incredible to watch the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something that we see, and for the most part ignore, every day hundreds… Continue Reading

Nando’s: Bob Mugabe (Last dictator standing)

More great work from Nandos and their agency Black River FC. This time they are promoting a competition for you to win a home served Nando’s VIP meal for 6 people at your own house. All you have to do… Continue Reading