A Magic Billboard that Promotes a Magic Festival

The Quebec City Magic Festival and their agency lg2 have created a magic billboard in Québec. Unlike a magic show they have kindly revealed how they pulled this stunt off. Great creative work tends to be more effective when the ad really… Continue Reading

Smart Honda billboard shows how many items can fit into the car

Canadian agency Grip Limited have created a rather smart billboard execution to help promote the new 2015 Honda Fit. Each of the billboards cleverly show how many real size items people can fit into the car. So simple and really nicely done.

Live 3D Selfie Billboard made from 1000 Balloons

To celebrate Old Navy’s 20th birthday, they  created a balloon #Selfiebration machine. The machine transforms your selfie image into a 3D inflated portrait using around 1000 balloons. All people need to do is take a selfie, and tweet the picture… Continue Reading

Very clever billboard ad from KitKat

JWT, London recently created a smart way to show off KitKat’s famous tagline, “Have a break. Have a KitKat.” Likely an awards entry, but still very clever thinking.

The City of Cape Town create an ad that can only be seen in the rain to Help the homeless

The City of Cape Town is helping the approx 7000 people living homeless in the city during the winter by creating a simple pavement stencil ad using Superhydrophobic spray paint. The pain repels water, so when it rains the message… Continue Reading

The Social Swipe Charity Billboard

Smart new donation media platform created by German agency Kolle Rebbe, for a charity that helps fight poverty called MISEREOR, Essentially they created an interactive billboard that allows you to easily swipe your credit card through the billboard to quickly… Continue Reading

Claro Extra Minutes

Smart work from telecom brand Claro. They wanted to get involved in football sponsorship in a meaningful and smart way, so they created a campaign where the extra minutes added to games became free extra minutes for any Claro pre-paid… Continue Reading

UTEC creates an air-purifying billboard

Peruvian engineering university UTEC have created a billboard that cleans the air with the equivalent air purifying power of 1200 trees.The project is a follow up to last years Cannes Lion Gold winning billboard that turned air humidity into drinking… Continue Reading

Audi Hidden Message Billboard

Clever yet simple billboard ad from Audi. By overlaying two headline they manipulated the viewers eyes focus. From far you could only focus the blurred headline, from close you would see a hidden message.Ad agency: thjnk AG, Hamburg

Coca-Cola: Happiness Bus Shelter

The below new Coca-Cola Happiness Machine took place in a bus shelter in Uppsala, Sweden on a cold and dark afternoon in December with 185 days of midsummer. When people took a Coke from the machine a projection of a… Continue Reading