The best work from Cannes Lions 2015

Cannes Can
Spending 10 days in Cannes at the Lions Advertising festival was incredible, but one thing I didn’t see enough of till I got home was all the work.
I have made up a presentation with what I believe are the key trends, but before I share that I thought I would share some of the top work. Below are my top 10 picks from across all the categories in no particular order. The best advertising makes the new, familiar and the familiar, new. Enjoy.

Ok I really need to share some more….so here are my next top 10.

Apologies again for not updating the site for so long, I have resigned from Ogilvy and WPP and from next month will be running a new company of my own. Will share more in due course but the basics are to do with rethinking the way education is taught online…till next time.


Adman at Ogilvy

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