Adopt a dog project by Pedigree gets ex-convicts lives back on track

Pedigree first days out
This short story shows how two ex-convicts adopted dogs and got their lives back on track.
To show how a dog can change your life Pedigree created the First Days Out project.
The programme has found that the adopted pets end up boosting peoples self-esteem and help to ease their reintegration into society.
It’s a great story that has really touched millions of people. The story is a good example of what they call in psychology Psychic Numbing, which basically means that when a problem is large (i.e. a huge number of pets that need adopting) people struggle to understand the scale of the problem and are less likely to act if shown large numbers etc. However if you focus on one or two intimate stories (i.e the two ex-cons story ) people can relate and understand easier and are more likely to act.
Great work by AlmapBBDO.


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