JCDecaux stalk clients by putting them on billboards

Outdoor ad firm JCDecaux showed the power of their billboards by simply putting pictures of a few select clients on them. Obviously they instantly noticed and started calling in asking why they were on a billboard. The reaction proved the… Continue Reading

Honda beautifully craft the feeling of driving a new Civic

Honda has made a ad that shows the feeling they craft into the new Civic. I love the idea of the perfect drive being carefully crafted, it beautifully shows the experience you can get with a joyful drive. Wonderful work… Continue Reading

Snickers finds city design #fails and shames them with stickers

Snickers put up temporary stickers across New York where there were design fails, the stickers simply read “You make mistakes when you’re hungry. #HungryMistakes”. The simple ads were made by BBDO New York and seeded as a fun online campaign.… Continue Reading