New Volkswagen up! Takes you places

Last weekend Volkswagen kindly lent me their New Volkswagen up!, (see pic above) to drive around Cape Town. It’s their new small city car that’s rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one for less than R135K).
I drove the slightly posher “Move up!” version of the car, for such a small price it’s impressive, the drive is great, the gearbox is great, the fuel economy is great, and there is a surprising amount of space for what is a essentially a tiny car (comfortably seated 4 adults, 5 at a slight squeeze). Basically a perfect city car for the price.

Together with Volkswagen South Africa the agency I work at, Ogilvy Cape Town, put together an integrated campaign with TV ads, print ads, an interactive web/mobi site, and even an activation launch with Uber.
It’s rare to get to do fully integrated pieces of work, so below I thought I’d share it with you.
I hope you like it.
(To view the website thats takes you places  go to, and to view how we did the Uber launch look at

Up_Print Up_Print4 Up_Print3 Up_Print2
TV (My favourite is the last one)


Adman at Ogilvy

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