Find out why there are no more Unicorns in the world

French TV channel Canal+ has decided to share why there are no more Unicorns in the world….it all goes back to Noah and his Ark. Enjoy the ad, it’s a nice and short fun story, by ad agency BETC, Paris.

Watch a man in high heels twerk for MoneySuperMarket

UK insurance firm has launched another hilarious ad featuring a chap with a large bottom, tight short shorts, and high heels, twerking to“Don’t cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. The ad also feature Sharon Osbourn to top it off. Another great… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale invites small brands to share a Super Bowl ad

Newcastle Brown Ale wants to split the tab on a Super Bowl ad with other brands. The campaign features actress Aubrey Plaza, and asks small brands across the USA to chip in an buy a Super Bowl ad with them. To… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

The 5 Building Blocks of Culture

Recently Merriam-Webster declared Culture the 2014 word of the year. In life and work if we can better understand culture and what influences it, then our general happiness, and our work will be all the better for it. The short… Continue Reading