Nike make another epic ad with LeBron James & Wieden + Kennedy

Nike Basketball have made another pretty incredible ad with LeBron James for his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The ad is stunning to watch even if you have no idea about who LeBron is, or what basketball is. Yet more… Continue Reading

Honda create a brilliant double sided interactive YouTube story for the new Civic

Honda have created a double sided story on YouTube to show off the new Civic in both the normal and R variants. The campaign, by Wieden + Kennedy London, allows you to see two parallel stories and switch between them… Continue Reading

Mercedes create an Instagram car builder

To celebrate the launch of the new GLA, Mercedes created the first “Build Your Own Car” mechanism on Instagram, allowing you to customize your own car in just a few taps. Just by using the tags feature you can pick the… Continue Reading

Waitrose are crowdsourcing the vocals for their new Christmas ad

UK food store Waitrose (a division of John Lewis) are crowdsourcing the vocal talent to cover Dolly Parton’s “Try”. The song will be used in their upcoming Christmas ad, and released as a single, with any proceeds of the song… Continue Reading

Sony makes a beautiful ad with Ice bubbles in 4K

Sony has filmed frozen ice bubbles to create one of the most stunning TV ads of the year. There are no special effects, they used prototype cameras to pick up microscopic detail in 4K (4 times the resolution of HD).… Continue Reading

Air New Zealand create an epic Hobbit themed Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy, and created one of the best ever airline safety videos. The safety video features some of the celebrities from the movie including… Continue Reading

Facebook Messenger ad shows what modern love looks like

The first ad campaign for Facebook Messenger shows the reality of what modern courtship often looks like. I must be getting old as think this is little bit of a sad reflection on today’s society. Facebook wants to show that… Continue Reading

Live 3D Selfie Billboard made from 1000 Balloons

To celebrate Old Navy’s 20th birthday, they  created a balloon #Selfiebration machine. The machine transforms your selfie image into a 3D inflated portrait using around 1000 balloons. All people need to do is take a selfie, and tweet the picture… Continue Reading

David Beckham gets his whiskey on in Scotland

David Beckham teams up with his old friend Guy Ritchie to make an ad for a Scottish Whiskey that he helped make called Haig Club. The ad itself is pretty straight forward but it does have some incredible shots of… Continue Reading

Virgin American make a 5 hour long YouTube ad

This new campaign from Virgin America centres on showing people how mundane, and awful it is to fly a “blah” airline, by depicting the experience of a flight from take off to landing. The is the real length of the… Continue Reading