Canadian bank creates gift giving Automated Thanking Machines (ATM’s)

Warning, this may make you choke up a bit and cry.Banks for the most part do very very boring ads that show no emotion, TD Bank in Canada tried something a little different. They created speaking ATM machine’s called Automated… Continue Reading

Great optical illusion ad for Ford Park Assist

Clever optical illusion ad from Ford to showcase the ford explorers ‘Park Assist’ functionality.Just look at the ad below and stare at the black dot in the far right car for 30 seconds, then move your eyes to the parking… Continue Reading

Nike creates really tiny shoe boxes to ship it’s new flexible sneakers

Nike have created an ultra small shoe boxes to innovatively pack their new Nike Free range of very flexible sneakers. The box is one third the size of a regular box.This smart and simple idea is not yet global, but seems… Continue Reading

Volkswagen makes a new website using insights from dating sites

Volkswagen has created a new website in the USA that takes insights and design cues from dating sites in order to help you find the right car more easily.I tried it out, and although it’s not perfect (you need a… Continue Reading

Lexus put stunt men in light suits accross Kuala Lumpur

Lexus have created an impressive light show featuring stunt men in LED suits leaping up, down, and through buildings to showcases Lexus’ innovative design and technology.Directed by Adam Berg, the campaign called “STROBE” tells the story of one man’s incredible… Continue Reading

What Makes A Great Brand Presentation

Ad agency We Are Social in partnership with The World Federation of Advertisers have done some research and created the below simple presentation on What Makes A Great Brand.The short presentation shares some insights into what people really want from… Continue Reading

DDB makes a short video about creativity and making ads

DDB has made a video celebrating advertising, ideas, and creativity. The video features some of the best advertising work from over 20 agencies around the world.Not sure what the video is for, and perhaps the copy and music make it… Continue Reading

New Golf R ad not for sufferers of vertigo

Simple but powerful print ad for the new Golf R from my home agency Ogilvy Cape Town.Not often I showcase our own ads, let alone a print one, but really enjoyed this.Creds:Art Director: Katie Mylrea, Alexi MccarthyWriter: Kelly Tomes, Guy… Continue Reading

Blind folded stunt driver puts life in the hands of a Hyundai

To show off Hyundai’s new Auto Braking, lane keeping assist, and distance cruise control system they blindfolded a stunt driver and carried out a do or die test.Watch the video below to see how it turned out.The ad was put… Continue Reading

IKEA create the world’s first website on Instagram

IKEA in Russia have created a website using Instagram to publicise a limited designer collection. At first I thought this was gimmicky but looking at the interaction on the site (nearly 18K people and rising) it seems to be working,… Continue Reading