Samsung get over 180,000 people to help cancer research

Samsung has donated over 1million MB of peoples phones processing power towards cancer research. They managed to do this by creating an app that utilises your android phones un-used processing power while you’re asleep. The app then donates the power… Continue Reading

The world’s first news priting disposable paper towel machine

Free Mexican online news site Mas Por Mas has created a dispensable paper towel machine that prints the latest news on the paper towels. The machines were put around office complex bathrooms, and peoples reactions were filmed. The work is… Continue Reading

Nokia Lumia Bullet Effect Arc

Microsoft and filmmaker Paul Trillo teamed up to create a 180 degree smartphone “Bullet Time” effect portable rig.The project used 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 devices, and a separate Microsoft Surface tablet as a remote control, creating the Bullet Effect rig.… Continue Reading

Coke Checkout Beep

Brilliantly simple idea from Coke and Ogilvy Brazil. They managed to get the beep at checkout counters in a supermarket changed, whenever anyone bought a Coke the beep changed to the Coke jingle.

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist Bottles

Leo Burnett in Colombia developed a new Coke lid that takes two people to open. They launched the limited edition bottles during the first day of colleges to help freshmen students become friends. In the press release they say they… Continue Reading

Director from Good Will Hunting creates new poetic ad for the BMW i8

Gus Van Sant, the director of famous movies such as ‘Milk’, and ‘Good Will Hunting’ has made 3 pretty great ads for the new BMW i8 hybrid car. The ads are all different poetic speeches about the car from actors… Continue Reading

Coke creates a phone booth that accepts bottle caps

Brands are getting much better at making real products that have value, that can then be used as an ad. To give labourers in the UAE a few extra minutes of happiness, Coca-Cola created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth —… Continue Reading

Street View shows you the world underwater

Climate change company, CarbonStory, has created an Interactive website that combines Google Street View and WebGL to show what anywhere in the world would look like underwater. The campaign aims to raise awareness about rising CO2 emissions and their contribution… Continue Reading

Coke makes a football share a Coke machine for Milan

Coca-Cola have created another “Share a Coke” vending machine. This time with an activation that took place in Milan at a football match between Inter and AC Milan, two teams with an historic rivalry. Coke placed two vending machines, one… Continue Reading

Honda creates bottled water from its hydrogen powered car

Honda has created their own bottled water brand in Australia made from the emissions of its hydrogen powered car, the Honda FCX Clarity. The idea came about from their agency Leo Burnett Melbourne to show how environmentally friendly the car… Continue Reading