Carlsberg create a gamified happy hour product for bars

Carlsberg beer have created a happy hour type product for bars called #HappyBeerTime. When bars run #HappyBeerTime all Carlsberg Beers sell for a discounted price for a limited time, however if patrons of the bar Instagram a picture using the… Continue Reading

Buzzfeed: The Secret Science of advertising

Buzzfeed have created a short and simple video on some of the key old lessons learned about the science behind advertising.Although how and where brands advertise has changed (mostly because of technology), one thing has pretty much remained the same,… Continue Reading

The Grandparents Frame App by JOHNSON’S® Baby

Always nice to see agencies coming up with products. this one is from Impact BBDO, Dubai for Johnsons Baby. Put simply it’s an app and digital photo frame, that parents can use to share pictures via their mobile phones, and… Continue Reading

Snickers: Construction Workers Yell Messages of Empowerment to Women

Interesting activation stunt from Clemenger BBDO, Australia for Snickers. They hired people to dress up as construction workers and shout positive messages of empowerment to women passing by the construction site.Fun video and love the sentiment behind it, not sure… Continue Reading

This is a Generic Brand Video

Below is a brilliant piss take video based on a popular article called “This is a generic brand video”, written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency website.The ad was put together by stock video footage site “Dissolve”. The clip… Continue Reading

Delta use LinkedIn to Create a Mentoring Program at 35,000ft

With the help of LinkedIn, Delta have created the first high altitude mentoring program. Delta chose some of the best leaders in business, art, and technology, then created a site called “Delta’s Innovation Class”. On the site people can apply… Continue Reading

The Oreo Twitter Trending Vending Machine

Oreo created a custom vending machine that enabled people to create their own custom flavoured Oreo cookies based on what was trending on twitter.The machine was placed at SXSW and was put together by MAYA Design .Below is a pretty… Continue Reading

The Evolution of Brand Logos 1886 – 2013

Below is an interesting infographic showing the evolution of 18 of the worlds largest brand’s logos. The graph was put together by

Guide Dogs are not just for the blind

This clever guide dogs TV commercial from Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF Geleidehonden) shows a different type of assistance a dog can offer. In this example by helping a military veteran better cope with severe war related trauma.Work by… Continue Reading

Audi A3 Coupe: Ricky Garvais plays it cool

Ever wanted to see a small child bully Ricky Gervais? if so you’re in luck. Audi have released these 2 new ads featuring Ricky, in one he gets lambasted by a kid, in the other he helps sing Queen’s ‘’We… Continue Reading