Budweiser Super Bowl ad: Puppy Love

How do you get 18million views in under 2 days? watch the below new ad from Budweiser for this years Super Bowl to find out. Work by Ad Agency Anomaly 

Volkswagen: Wings (Super Bowl ad)

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad entertains by giving wings to engineers. The ad celebrates the fact that in the USA there are more Volkswagen cars still being used with over 100,000 miles on the clock than any other brand. Although it’s… Continue Reading

Chipotle: Farmed and Dangerous Official Trailer

Chipotle, the restaurant that serves ‘Food With Integrity’, has taken a bit of a brave decision and is about to launch an original 4 part mini comedy series that looks at industrial agriculture and includes exploding cows. The series will… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale: IfWeMadeIt.com

Newcastle Brown Ale and Droga5 have just created this brilliant teaser for an ad they never made that they could have shown at the Super Bowl. The ad leads you to www.IfWeMadeIt.com where you can watch more entertaining teasers for… Continue Reading

Shutterstock: Global Design Trends 2014

Shutterstock recently shared their annual Infographic for global design trends. The infographic was put together with data from their 350 million all-time downloads to explore recent and emerging trends from around the globe.

Coca-Cola: Happiness Bus Shelter

The below new Coca-Cola Happiness Machine took place in a bus shelter in Uppsala, Sweden on a cold and dark afternoon in December with 185 days of midsummer. When people took a Coke from the machine a projection of a… Continue Reading

Ajax: Social Wipes

Ever wished you could easily remove old Facebook accounts you liked, or quickly unfollow unused and spam twitter accounts? thanks to an app from Ajax made by  VML in Sydney now you can. Great campaign that helps people + relates… Continue Reading

Toronto FC: It’s a Bloody Big Deal

As of next month England striker Jermain Defoe will be moving from Tottenham Hotspur to Toronto FC. To celebrate his imminent arrival they got local Toronto based agency Sid Lee to create the spot below. I’m not really a football… Continue Reading

Axe: Make Love, Not War

  Axe is aiming to bring world peace this year for their Super Bowl ad. The ad will coincide with the launch of their new Peace fragrance range. They have also created the hashtag #KissForPeace where people can get their… Continue Reading

Duracell: Trust Your Power – NFL’s Derrick Coleman

Duracell recently launched the above wonderful ad telling the empowering story of Seattle Seahawks legally deaf running back Derrick Coleman. The ad coincides with him playing in the upcoming 2014 super bowl. When asked why he did the ad Coleman… Continue Reading