Coca-Cola: 3D Mini-Me

Interesting work by Gefen Team for Coca-Cola. To help launch Coke’s new mini bottles they ran a competition where winners could get a tour of the Coca-Cola factory and have a 3D printed model of themselves made right there to… Continue Reading

Stowford Press: Press On

Saw this ad pop on the TV the other day and tracked it down, the work was done by WCRS, London. The ad is for Stowford Press cider, England’s most popular draught cider brand, it’s their first TV ad for… Continue Reading

Coca-Cola: Grandpa

The below ad was put together for Coke by advertising agency David, Buenos Aires, and shows the difference in lifestyles from the 50’s/60’s compared to nowadays (Slow pace / Healthier, to fast paced / unhealthy). For a company that makes… Continue Reading

Nike: Possibilities (Just Do It 25th Anniversary ad)

Below is the 25 year celebration film of Nike’s  ‘Just Do It’ slogan. The campaign is called “Possibilities”, and pushes you to be a little faster, go a little higher, a little stronger, a little further. Incredible work from Wieden… Continue Reading

BBC Radio 2: Darkside Teaser

Watch a special animated trail for a new drama based on the themes of Pink Floyd‘s classic The Dark Side of the Moon album. The visuals have been created by Aardman Animations of Wallace and Gromit fame. You can hear… Continue Reading

Microsoft Windows Phone / Nokia: The Recital

Am beginning to enjoy these new ads for Nokia Windows Phones from CP+B. As in the previous ads they mock apple and android device users in a pretty fun way. The ad shows the incredible new Nokia Lumia 1020 with… Continue Reading

MoneySuperMarket: Running With Cats

Ever wanted to see what running with cats would look like?  Well now you can thanks to this rather funny work from Mother, London for insurance firm Enjoy.

Polish Academy of Science: Polish Diacritics Campaign

Great campaign from Ogilvy&Mather, Warsaw for the Polish Academy of Science. Like most languages nowadays technology and the abbreviations that go with it are bastardising the Polish language. In Polish though this seems to be a particularly bad problem as… Continue Reading

Niklas Roy; A “For Rent” sign that follows you

To help the Canadian city of Sherbrooke rent out some of its vacant shop space artist Niklas Roy created a “For Rent” sign that follows you. Normally no one pays attention to signs like these, so to change that he… Continue Reading

Infographic: The Future use TV

Interesting infographic put together by Guide, a company that has developed a platform that allows you to watch blogs much like you would a TV show. They have looked at where TV is going, 2nd screen use, the connected living… Continue Reading