Harvard-MIT: Medical Mirror

We are fast entering the world of the internet of things (i.e. Everyday objects and devises all intelligently connected to the web). Above is a pretty incredible new device from the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. The device is… Continue Reading

Ideate: Internet Usage In South Africa

Always interesting to see local South African internet stats. The below info is from Fred Roed’s Ideate blog and shows some local up to date stats on internet, ecommerce, and social media usage in South Africa. Go to Survey Compare to see the… Continue Reading

Hal Lasko: Pixel Painter

Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to computers and Microsoft Paint long after he retired. Now, Grandpa aged 97 spends ten hours a day… Continue Reading

What happens online in 60 Seconds

Has been a while since I’ve seen an updated infographic on what happens online in 60 seconds so thought I would share it with you. The updated info was put together by from Qmee, with design by mycleveragency. (Click on… Continue Reading

Toshiba and Intel: The Power Inside

The Power Inside is this years new interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon and starring Harvey Keitel, Analeigh Tipton, Craig Roberts, and maybe you. The new campaign is a… Continue Reading

Fantasy Interactive: Is This The Future of The Airline Website?

This isn’t so much an ad, it’s more an innovative pitch idea, only these guys haven’t been asked to pitch anything.  Interactive agency Fi (Fantasy Interactive) wanted to see what the future of airline booking websites could look like, so… Continue Reading

Adidas: Jump With Derrick Rose

Incredibly simple contextual creative idea to promote Adidas’s new Derrick Rose signature basketball shoes. They created a pop up store / activation and invited the man himself, Derrick Rose, to help kick things off. Basically the shoes were yours if… Continue Reading

Lynx: Get Le Girl app

Lynx have created an interesting mobile app for chaps jetting off on holiday called “Get Le Girl” app. Basically it gives guys appropriate, or inappropriate chat up lines for them to try out on girls abroad. If the guys use… Continue Reading

Core4: Every like is a live show

Fun idea for launching an agencies website. Every time someone “Likes’” their page they get a quick personal thanks. Ad agency Core4 rigged up a device that activates a flashing blue light in the agency reception, it only resets when… Continue Reading

Fructis: Goodbye Damage

Interesting stunt for Garnier Fructis hair product by Publicis, Lisboa. They created the above interactive billboard that got people to answer a phone and listen to a message from a girl dressed in a prison outfit. Nice idea to capture… Continue Reading