How To Name Things

Spotted this brilliant presentation by Amber Horsburgh & Victor Pineiro from ad agency Big Spaceship. The presi shares 10 free tools to help you name companies, ideas, products, websites and campaigns. Is also useful for brainstorms, writing copy (especially for… Continue Reading

Skittles: Figurines

DDB Chicago just launched the above wonderful interactive YouTube experience for Skittles, celled Figurines. The ad starts off just like a normal crazy Skittles ad, but then you are invited to smash figurines standing on a table. Each figurine has a… Continue Reading

Tampax: Leak-proof

Spotted this funny but surely a hoax ad for Tampax. The clip seems to come from the often slightly crazy Russia, meaning you never know, it could be real.

Strident Chewing Gum: Gumulon

Interesting work from Wieden + Kennedy London and game developer Johnny Two Shoes for Strident Chewing Gum. Together they have created the worlds first game controlled by chewing, called Gumulon. Players have to chew in order to control the game… Continue Reading

Mannes in Cannes: Rosé and Rumours

Words by Monsieur Chris Gotz Occasionally the week in Cannes offers up little unexpected moments of pleasure. A spin in a pistachio Lamborghini, a drink at the Martinez with Roger Moore, sunbathing on the deck of Paul Allen’s yacht or… Continue Reading

Final SA 2013 Cannes Lions Winners

The final day of the 60th Cannes Lions saw South African agencies finish the week in style with wins in both the Film, and Branded Content categories. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris continued their winning streak by getting a bronze in film, while Ogilvy… Continue Reading

Mannes in Cannes: F-bombs and Redemption

  Words by Monsieur Chris Gotz It has not been a good week on earth for South Africa. Our cricketers played with all the resolve of wet biltong. Our Baby Boks, despite having a fullback who rivals the roadrunner for… Continue Reading

Intel and Toshiba: The Beauty Inside

Last night was the cyber lions at Cannes. Above is this years Grand Prix winner from Intel and Toshiba. Together they created a 45min love story called The Beauty Inside. It played out over 7 YouTube videos, with gaps for… Continue Reading


Last night was the amongst other things the Cannes Lions Mobile awards night. Above is the brilliant Grand Prix Mobile winning case study from DDB for Smart. Smart, the Philippines’ largest telecom, took sim cards and turned them into a… Continue Reading

Sport Club Recife: Immortal Fans

It’s Cannes week, so there are bound to be lots of wonderful bits of work from all over the world popping up. The first one that won big, winning a Grand Prix for Promo & Activation work, was Ogilvy &… Continue Reading