Heineken: Ignite

Heineken recently created their first interactive beer bottle at the Milan Design Week as part of Heineken’s Lounge of the Future concept. The Heineken Ignite project used bottles with LED lights, an accelerometer, and a wireless trigger attached to the… Continue Reading

Gollog: Google Street View Delivery

Simple but wonderful idea from AlmapBBDO for delivery courier company Gollog. They created a digital magazine ad that took your current good street view location and overlaid a Gollog package with your current street address on it when you viewed… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Click if you can

It’s case study season again (read pro-active / scam time). This above work caught my eye for the Golf GTI by DDB, Spain. They decided to take help solve the problem of those annoying 5 second YouTube pre-roll ads by… Continue Reading

Dan Ariely: How perception can alter our reality

Today I thought I would share a brilliant talk from behavioural economist, Dan Ariely. Understanding this topic will be a great help in understanding why people think and behave in the way they do. In this short TEDx talk he… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Automatic Skip Ad

More brilliant Volkswagen YouTube work from AlmapBBDO. They created the above YouTube pre-roll ad that showed odd the benefits of the VW seamless DSG Tiptronic transmission by seamlessly automatically pressing the skip button at the end of the 5 second… Continue Reading

Guardian: An Introduction to GuardianWitness

Wonderful idea from the Guardian in the UK. They have decided to open a dedicated crowd sourced news hub called GuardianWitness. The public provide the content and the Guardian team do the editing, as well as help to provide some… Continue Reading

Durex: Fundawear

Great news for people in long distance relationships, from Durex Australia. Taking wearable technology to another level, they embedded touch actuators into underwear, essentially allowing people through an app to virtually touch their partner through their phone. Watch the above… Continue Reading

Magnum: Pleasure Hunt 3

Magnum have launched their 3rd version of their interactive Magnum online game. The great work was put together by Lowe Brindfors in Sweden. In the game you play a girl who has to rescue her prince in 5 different mini… Continue Reading

LG: Stage Fright

Nice idea from ad agency SuperHeroes for LG’s new ultra widescreen hi-res monitors. The team installed them above men’s urinals and made them look like normal ad boards, however when guys came to relive themselves the screens sprang to life… Continue Reading

Audi: Screenshot Ad

It’s always great / rare to be able to show interesting digital magazine ads. AlmapBBDO, Brazil seem to be getting rather good at it. The above short case study is for the Audi R8 and used a basic iPad feature… Continue Reading