Renault: Two unsuspecting people take a test drive

Wonderful activation from Renault for the new Renault Clio. Just watch and enjoy. or for the girls

Nate Walsh: 1999 Toyota Camry ad

Possible one of the funniest print ad ever constructed for the internets, and it’s not even for a brand, or made by an agency. The ad was put together by a freelance copywriter called Nate Walsh and was posted to… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Beetle Slowmercial

DDB Brussels found that local research showed that more than 1 out of 3 Belgians watch their favourite TV shows in delayed-viewing mode. Of those viewers about 80% prefer to skip commercial breaks. With that in mind DDB and Volkswagen… Continue Reading

Google Chrome: The Peanut Gallery

Love this new Google Chrome experiment, called The Peanut Gallery. The site lets you add the text to old silent film clips by using your computer’s microphone and the Web Speech API in Google Chrome to turn speech into text.… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale: No Sound

Thought I would share this short but rather funny ad for Newcastle Brown Ale from ad agency Droga5, New York. There are 4 more short clips, if you fancy watching them, you can see view them at

WWF: Things to do in the dark

We (Ogilvy Cape Town) recently launched a new campaign for WWF’s Earth Hour (from 8.30-9.30pm on Saturday 23 March) called ‘Things To Do In The Dark’. The campaign is centred around celebrating Earth Hour in a fun and exciting way;… Continue Reading

Opel Corsa: The first car model named after its owner

Interesting work from Gitam BBDO, Israel, for Opel. In order to help launch the new Opel Corsa they created the above interactive campaign allowing people online to create custom name badges for any Corsa cars they ordered.

Volkswagen: Search Engine Ad

Brilliant work from Volkswagen and SEA-Team agency. They created a brilliant organic Google image search result ad shown above. Great job.

Corona: Django Responsible Drinking

Simple, yet wonderful cinema activation for Corona beer. It’s no surprise that blurry vision is a side effect of alcohol, knowing this JWT Spain, edited the first minute and a half of new film Django Unchained, so that the clip… Continue Reading