UTEC: Drinking water billboard

Brilliant work, Mayo Draft FCB and UTEC in Lima have created the first billboard that produces drinking water from the air. The billboard soaks up humidity from the air, then filters it through reverse osmosis, then stores the water for… Continue Reading

Fanta: Tastable Print ad

Fanta and OgilvyOne in Dubai have created a tastable print ad for their new Fanta Orange drink. When people take a bite of the ad they can get a taste of what the new Fanta Orange drink tastes like. Am… Continue Reading

Innovative Use Of Google Maps In Digital Advertising

Last week we (Ogilvy  & Mather Cape Town) were invited by Google and innovation / marketing website PSFK to discuss our Volkswagen Street quest campaign. We were joined by Hyundai‘s New York agency Bossa Digital and Innocean, who were talking… Continue Reading

Emirates NDB: Remote control ATM Machine

Emirates NBD and ad agency FP7/DXB, recently created the above fun campaign in Dubai. To show that their ATM machines are always there when you need them, they created a remote controlled ATM machine on wheels. They set the machine… Continue Reading

Qualcomm: Best Bus Stop Ever

Mobile technology company Qualcomm wants to make everyday life better with mobile, so they brought in a few surprises to a bus stop. They put up a poster featuring a URL, then waited for people to visit the mobile site.… Continue Reading

TED: The 3 A’s of Awesome

I was going to write about another ad today (there is a fun new VW beetle ad here if you want one), but then I watched this clip and thought it a much better choice. If you want a bit… Continue Reading

KLM: Must See Map

KLM have come up with a great way of finding and exploring things to do in cities they fly to. When people go to http://mustseemap.klm.com they can choose their destination city, pin places they want to visit, and then via… Continue Reading

Schneider Beer: Maturation

Brilliantly funny beer ad from Argentina. The ad was based off the idea that the taste and quality of a Schneider Beer could be summarized in one big secret – maturation time. Ogilvy & Mather Argentina and Schneider visualized that… Continue Reading

Nivea: Stress Test

Interesting activation idea by Nivea and Advertising Agency: Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg. To launch the new Stress Protect Deo, NIVEA put passengers at the airport in an unexpected and stressful situation: They were framed at random and in real time… Continue Reading

VW: Find Your One

The New Golf’s latest campaign is called The One (as it’s the only car you will ever need). I thought that given the cars launch month coincides with valentines day it would be good to create something quick, easy, and… Continue Reading