Coca Cola: Super Bowl Coke Chase

Coca cola got ready for their Super bowl campaign today by launching a teaser video on their Facebook page.

Basically they have taken the second screen route again, and created an interactive game on a microsite. The teaser shows 3 teams, Cowboys, Showgirls, and Badlanders. Viewers have the chance to pick a team they want to win, in a race through the desert to get a Coke. Sharing your choices unlocks more content, including 50,000 coupons for free bottles of Coke. After picking their favorite team, people have the option to then slow down the competitors with “sabotages” — videos that show the cowboys delayed at a stoplight, or the showgirls stopping to pose for a portrait for example. A Domino’s pizza delivery guy appears in three of the 15 sabotages, as part of a partnership with the chain. When those clips pop up people can get special offer codes for Dominos!. It’s the first time Coke has integrated another marketer into creative content around the Super Bowl. Try it for yourself at

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