Agency Republic: Change the tune

Built as an R&D project at the above poster consists of a touch sensor and a iPod linked up to Spotify. Each time someone hears a track they don’t like, all they need to do is throw something at… Continue Reading

Tang: Shaker Roller Coaster

Very clever sampling activation work by Ogilvy, Buenos Aires for Tang dissolvable drinks. They branded a Roller Coaster, installed sturdy cup holders with water in them, then got the kids to put in the Tang powder, and let the roller… Continue Reading

Dove: Ad Makeover

Clever work by Dove by Ogilvy UK. They created a facebook app that will block out the often self esteem demoralising ads seen on facebook with encouraging dove notes. The campaign works by Dove doing an advertising deal direct with… Continue Reading

NYC Rescue Mission: Underheard in New York

Brilliant work by BBH, New York for The NYC Rescue Mission. They gave a voice to homeless people by giving them a phone, a twitter account, and then asked them to talk to people online about their day to day… Continue Reading

Audi R8: Fan Messenger

Innovative work from Audi by agency Kempertrautmann in Germany. They rigged an R8 LMS race car with a LED strobe light during the 24hours Nürburgring race. Fans could upload personal messages via facebook and they photographers captures the pictures during… Continue Reading

Ford: Parisian Pinball Parking

Based on the insight that in general Parisians are some of the worst parallel parkers in the world, Ford decided to show off their new park assist feature in a very entertaining way. They rigged up two cars with sensors… Continue Reading

Kulula: Fourth Wife

Great local work by Kulula and King James. This weekend the above ad aired in national newspapers, and coincidently the SA president married his fourth wife! Kulula says the offer is a uniquely South African response to pressures faced by… Continue Reading

Coca Cola: Share a Coke

Wonderful case study for Coca Cola from Ogilvy Australia. Last year in order to increase coke’s popularity they created a nationwide campaign where users could buy a coke with their name on it. 200 popular names were printed on the… Continue Reading

Coke: Hug Me Machine

Wonderful work by Coke, they created and installed an innovative vending machine that gives you a free Coke when people hug it in a specific way! The machine was installed at the National University of Singapore, see how it turned… Continue Reading

Nando’s: Options

Wonderful ad parody from Nando’s and their agency Black River FC. To understand the above clip you will need to have seen the original popular clever ad for Sanlam featuring Ben Kingsley by another local agency King James.