Digital Edge Live: Cape Town Event

The producers of the IMC Conference, LIVING YOUR BRAND have partnered with NATIVE to bring you this years Digital Edge Live in Cape Town on 14 October 2011. The event puts the brightest digital minds against each other in a… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Mano a Mano Final

After another week of personal video replies, the original Old Spice guy ends his fight with Fabio. Few. Well done for milking it to the end Wieden + Kennedy

Nando’s Noise: Reggie Watts

Stunning work by Nando’s UK.They hired famous beat boxer Reggie Watts to launch the Nando’s Noise campaign where users can make there own Reggie Watts beat box mix and share it on facebook or twitter. Go to to find… Continue Reading

Tetley Infusions: Break Your Routine

As an Englishman and so therefore obviously a tea lover, this above activation by Tetley tea in Canada spoke to me in a marvellous way. The activation is for Tetley Infusions (a new liquid tea from Tetley), and was put… Continue Reading

Allan Gray: Time Flies

More wonderful work from King James for Allan Gray investments. The ad is a long awaited replacement for the much loved and awarded James Dean commercial from the same agency (See that here). Well done Alistair King, Paige Nick, and… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Fabio vs Old Old Spice Guy

For the last few weeks Old Spice has been publicising its new Old Spice guy, Fabio, who has been mocking the original Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa. As seen above Fabio has challenged Isaiah to a challenge. Isaiah as you… Continue Reading

Skittles: Newlyweds

WOW. Have fun with this rather porno fake skittles ad by directing team Cousins.

Sony Ericsson: Arc Review

Recently Sony Ericsson Kindly sent me their latest top of the line smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Arc. Although the handset weighs about the same as a spec of dust and feels a bit plasticy it’s actually surprisingly rugged and… Continue Reading

NSRI: We Can’t Do it Alone

To show just how vast a job the NSRI in South Africa have to deal with, Ogilvy Cape Town created this poster of the land and sea, with coloured text denoting the different areas on a map that are looked… Continue Reading

Aids: Sexy Fingers

To highlight the fact you can now test for HIV with just a drop of blood from your finger JWT, Paris have created this rather porno/odd video. Would have loved to have been in that pitch to client. They have… Continue Reading