How To Friday: Paul Galatis

Above is a fabulous talk from Pauls Galatis, one of the heads of South Africa’s best ecommerce websites yuppiechef. Paul does a brilliant talk on ORM and “How Customer Service Can change the world”. The talk is part of Ogilvy… Continue Reading

Post-it: Will and Kate

Wonderful proactive billboard campaign for post-it notes by Ogilvy Action, London. copy to the right reads “May you stick together forever, Congratulations”. The ads are being put up in several prime spots around London. Am surprised at how few brands/agencies… Continue Reading

Olvarit: Michelin Starred Baby Food

Brilliant case study clip from Olvarit Baby foods.To promote their new range of healthy meat and fish baby foods they organised a babies-only food tasting at the Michelin-starred De Pastorie restaurant in Belgium. While the kids were fed and entertained… Continue Reading

BMF: Help Heal Japan

Melbourne based ad agency BMF have launched an innovative fundraising initiative to help provide aid for disaster stricken Japan. The idea is simple, when in a Japanese restaurant, customers will be asked to donate $2 for the use of their… Continue Reading

Sony Cyber-Shot: Marilyn Monroe & Albert Einstein

Brilliant campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina for Sony Cyber-shot camera’s panorama mode. Taking a closer look at some of the worlds most iconic pictures they delve into the fun story surrounding them.

Fanta Orange: The Fun Lift

Wonderful fun work by Ogilvy for Fanta Orange. They managed to rig one of the elevators of the University of Wisconsin and secretly filmed the students surprised reactions. If only all lifts were this exiting.

VW: Golf R Reflex Test

To find out if you have the reflexes to handle the new Golf R Ogilvy Cape Town have created this great game to test you (available as an interactive banner ad & website at present). The game was developed in… Continue Reading

VW: Golf R Prints

Great work from Ogilvy Cape Town’s Jennifer MacFarlane, Cuan Cronwright, Alexi McCarthy, and Guy Lewis. They had the following to say about the above: “The new Volkswagen Golf R is fast, sexy, powerful, aggressive and much more. In fact, it’s… Continue Reading

Sony: 3D Internet TV

Sony takes you on a interesting journey plotting the history of TV since the 60’s up to where we are today with the latest Sony 3D internet sets. The spot seems very very similar to the brilliant Nokia Forth Screen… Continue Reading

Panasonic: Lumix Nude Surfer

Fun execution from BBDO, Paris for a collaboration between Rip Curl and Panasonic’s waterproof Lumix cameras. If you speak French you can find out more here on Facebook