How To Run a PR Firm

The ‘ruthless application of common sense’ or ‘how to run a PR firm’ View more presentations from edelman Huge thanks to Steve Clayton for this find. Its a great short presentation by the CEO of Edelman Asia Pacific, David Brain… Continue Reading

Skittles Touch: Cat

Great work by BBDO Toronto for Skittles. By getting viewers to put their finger on the screen they have created several short YouTube clips that interact with you, try the above one to get a cat to lick your finger!… Continue Reading

Nando’s: Hiring

Great tongue in cheek ad for Nando’s by Black River FC. Am sure Graeme Smith will enjoy it after South Africa’s #Fail in the Cricket World Cup.

Sony Ericsson: Xperia Play Smartphone

Great campaign for the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY featuring Kristen Schaal. If you like the above spot you can find 4 more on their YouTube page by clicking here. The Xperia Play is the first PlayStation Certified device, and… Continue Reading

GranataPet: Dog Food Billboard

Wonderful interactive campaign by GranataPet pet foods ad agency Agenta, Germany. The campaign worked by setting up billboards that asked passers by with dogs to “Check In” on Foursquare, once checked in a controlled amount of the dog food was… Continue Reading

Facebook: Infographic Project

Wonderful infographic from Jean-Jacques Parys who created the above facebook clip for a 4 week university infographic project. The video explores facebook in modern society and its our impact on our social lives.

Future Screens: A Day Made of Glass

The above is a wonderful video produced by Corning showing where they see the future of screen innovation. The clip follows a family through their day, and sees how future technology will make lives richer and more efficient.

How To Friday: Vanessa Raphaely

A couple of weeks ago the legend that is Vanessa Raphaely (AKA @hurricanevaness) very kindly agreed to pop by to Ogilvy Cape Town and speak to some of her fans on her journey to becoming one of South Africa’s most… Continue Reading

Carl’s Jr: Miss Turkey with a Turkey Burger

Wonderful use of Miss Turkey (Gizem Memiç) in this above Carl’s Jr commercial for their new Turkey burger. If you’ve been to Cape Town it looks like the clip could have been filmed here too as the background looks just… Continue Reading

Infographic: Mobile Marketing

Microsoft Tags recently released the below infographic showing some fascinating up to date mobile stats. Microsoft Tags in case you haven’t tried it yet is a free Microsoft product that allows you to create, track, and edit your own colour… Continue Reading