T-Mobile: Merton The Piano Improv Guy at Gatwick

T-Mobile and Saatchi & Saatchi London are yet again entertaining people arriving back from holidays at the airport , this time guerrilla marketing style at Gatwick. T-Mobile hired Merton, the piano improv guy, to give passengers their own personal welcome… Continue Reading

Nando’s: New CEO (5Gs)

A stunning new campaign from Nando’s parodying the new much talked about CellC ads just landed in my inbox. The new ads are from Nando’s agency Black River FC. Below is a copy of the email I received. Have a… Continue Reading

SAMPRO: Zulu / Dutchman

Great entertaining new spot for the South African Dairy Board (SAMPRO). The commercial was done by Cape Town based agency FoxP2, and takes an entertaining look at cows and milk. There is also a fantastic one entitled “Dutch Settler”. See… Continue Reading

Nissan: iPhone iAd

Innovative work from Nissan and TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles. Together they have the first comic book interactive iAd for the new Nissan Juke. In a Chuck like parody you have to help a chap called Kowalczyk on a quest for donuts.

Jeep: Twitter Profile Puzzle #jeeppuzzle

Leo Burnett, Iberia, has come up with an interesting idea for a campaign using Jeep’s twitter profile. The basic idea is that you follow http://twitter.com/#!/jeeppuzzle then follow the instructions or look at the video above. All you need to do… Continue Reading

VW: Speed Camera Lottery (Fun Theory)

Great work by DDB, Stockholm for more Fun Theory Volkswagen madness. The idea was to set up a speed camera, to take pictures of all cars passing a spot. Speeders get a fine, but at the same time some of… Continue Reading

The Golden Age of Advertising Infographic

Interesting new infographic of the difference between advertising in the 1960’s vs advertising in the 2000’s. It effectively shows the rise of the Attention Economy, and how advertisers are adapting to the new challenges in the digital landscape, as well… Continue Reading

A Life On Facebook: Alex Droner

Stunning short clip of a fictional mans life through facebook. The clip was made by French CG artist Maxime Luere and whirls through the fictional life of Alex Droner using Facebook.

Vodafone: Where Are You?

There is just something about this new spot for Vodafone that I really like, maybe its the subtle use of the new Windows Phone 7, or the fact that my favourite F1 driver Lewis Hamilton appears in it. The commercial… Continue Reading

Its me on a NYC Times Square Billboard!

Thanks to a Corona Light facebook campaign that started running a few weeks ago I managed to get my face on a billboard in New York’s Times Square. The campaign works via the Corona Light facebook fan page. All users… Continue Reading