Cadbury Tumbles: The Tumbles Machine

Cadbury Tumbles are being re-launched and are going large. Cadbury agency “Promise”, JHB, created the above ad featuring Tumbles chocolates going around an obstacle course featuring lots of boys toys like model cars, crossbows, fireworks, and even a garden gnome.

Personally I would have loved to see the girl fall in the water at the end, but regardless I am all of a sudden hungry for some chocolate.

Below are some fun facts for the above campaign:

The ad was shot in a single take and the machine actually worked 17 000 Tumbles were weighed to get 8 suitably sized balls to trigger the machine It took 6 weeks to build the machine The tracks for the cars expanded and contracted due to changes in temperature, thus the room had to remain at a constant temperature for the machine to work The balloons had to be filled with the correct amount of helium for each take in order for the machine to function correctly The Tumble snapped up by the dog in the final scene was in fact a doggy treat as our fury friends do not eat chocolate!


Adman at Ogilvy

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