UCT GSB: Executive Education 2.0

One of the most popular videos on YouTube in education circles is the 2009 Did You Know video based on Jeff Brenman’s infamous “Shift Happens” presentation. To help publicise UCT’s internationally acclaimed Graduate School of Business’s Executive Education courses, Saatchi… Continue Reading

Levi: Guy Walks Across America

Levi seem to have embraced the online viral space by recently sponsoring a group of  young filmmakers at Conscious Minds to use 2,750 pictures to create a film of a gent called Mike walking across America from New York to… Continue Reading

BrewDog Beer: Beer in a Stuffed Animal

BrewDog has just produced one of the worlds most expensive, and strongest beers called “The End Of History”. The fine Scottish ale is 55% Alcohol and comes bottled complete in a taxidermied rodent (choose from stuffed stoat or grey squirrel.… Continue Reading

Paul Adams: Real Life Social Networks vs Online

The Real Life Social Network v2 View more documents from Paul Adams. Just thought I would share this fantastic presentation with you as personally I found it a very interesting read. The slideshow was made by Paul Adams from Google… Continue Reading

Pilot Extrafine: Lego Tattoo

Fantastic bit of creativity from Grey, Barcelona, for Pilot pens new Extrafine range of pens. This is one I’m pretty sure a friend of mine called Richard Mulholland would love (who wouldn’t like Lego with custom tattoos). Click on the… Continue Reading

MadMen: Online Job Interview

If you love MadMen, get ready because advertisings favourite TV series is about to start its 4th season on the 25th July. To help promote the series AMC have created an online job interview. After answering a series of questions… Continue Reading

New Spice: Harold B. Lee Library

After 184 personalised videos from Old Spice there was bound to be some great parody video clips, and this one from students at the Brigham Young University is my personal favourite. The clip is for the main campus’s Harold B.… Continue Reading

VW: FOX Inside Out

AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil have produced this clever Print and online ad campaign for the new VW Fox interior. The online flash ad was placed on YouTube and can be seen by clicking here (Just scroll the VW logo to… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Personal YouTube Responses

In what must be one of the most entertaining and stunningly brilliant online campaigns ever, the Old Spice character Isaiah Mustafa has been doing personalised video messages to users commenting on the commercials on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the web in… Continue Reading

Gillette: The Perfect Length?

Gillette have released 4 great double entendre shaving interviews. My fav is the one above entitled “What’s the perfect length”, be sure not to miss the other 3 (Just click on the links below to see the video): How Often… Continue Reading