Nando’s: Free Coke for Uruguayans

Nandos Coke More brilliant World Cup advertising from Black River FC for Nando’s. This time the plucky restaurant chain are offering Uruguayan players and their fans a free Coke if they lose against South Africa tomorrow !

On a side note check out the these new Nando’s crisps I found in Tesco’s, great packaging copy.


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. Nando’s is pretty good at this brand of guerilla advertising. Almost makes me want to relook at my cynicism towards “brand” advertising. Almost. As good as their ads are – the risk for consumers always sits in the product, the front end service, the call centre support and what happens if anything goes wrong. With all those balls to juggle, I’ve gotta wonder how much “brand” advertising helps these days. Anyhoo – bloody funny!


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