Ogilvy: 2010 World Showreel

Over the weekend Ogilvy London released this great showreel of some the best work they have done world wide so far from 2009 –2010 year. The clips showcase campaigns for:

  • American Express, USA: Great ad, hard to go wrong with Tina Fey and Martin Scorsese.
  • Perrier water, Europe: Not my bag but nice effects.
  • WAM Hair Removal, Japan: This one is from SE Asia and is truly bizarre, love it.
  • Shreddies, Canada: Overview on the highly successful Shreddies diamond campaign.
  • Burger King, LATAM: An Overview on the Burger King Whooper Face campaign, where customers had pictures of their faces printed on the burger wrapping. Stunning campaign.
  • Fight Global Warming, USA: Brilliant yet simple commercial, worth a watch to see the polar bears models come alive.
  • Hopenhagen (UN), Worldwide: The UN must have been very impressed with the results of this campaign. In 90 days Ogilvy got 350 global partners to donate $400m in media publicity, reaching more than a billion people in 50 countries !.

Great work Ogilvy, keep it up.


Adman at Ogilvy

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