2010 Loerie advertising awards: Print campaign

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The main advertising awards in Africa are the Loeries, each year a different agency is picked to do the creative work for the awards and this year it’s Ogilvy Cape Town’s turn. The ads above and below all expertly take the piss of the crackdown of world cup related ads for the upcoming World Cup football tournament to be held here later in June 2010. FIFA and their army of  lawyers and other evil doers have been cracking down on any local advertising that even hints at the world cup, most recently making local airline Kulula pull an ad after it had pictures of footballs and Vuvuzelas in it !

Entries for the Loeries are open now for all agency work done in Africa and the Middle East etc. Visit www.theloerieawards.co.za for full details. Nice work Ogilvy.

Just click on the images to see larger versions of these tongue in cheek masterpieces.

entry Loeries


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. Good post Chris. I work for a FIFA supplier and know for a fact that they will be taking issue with this. Whether they have a case against it or not, well, we’ll see…

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