Radiotjänst: “Hero” viral (Brief Case Study)

The above campaign was one of the most successful online virals from last year for Radiotjänst (Sweden’s TV licensing body). Personally I was sent it about 25 times from various friends from around the globe. The campaign attracted over 14 million unique visits within 8 weeks.

The above clip shows a nice brief of what, and how they pulled it off.

The basic idea was to encourage more people to pay their TV licence fee in Sweden. To do this they created a video clip where you the viewer could be a world hero and star of the clip. They did this by embedding a photo of you and your name in the film at different scenes. At the end of the clip you could register to pay your licence, and personalise your own clip to send to a friend. The dedicated website was marketed on TV, cinemas and print.

To try out the campaign for yourself go to

Great work and congrats to Draft FCB, Stockholm for coming up with the campaign.


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  1. The swedes strike again. So proud of my fellow country men, mucho besos viva la suede xxx

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