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Trevdoes travel

Kulula has been hard at work lately, not content with making the world laugh with their fun new aircraft paint schemes, they have now launched a hilarious travel blog called “Trev does travel” complete with a dedicated travel blogger named Trevor Townsend. Trev as he likes to be known, describes himself as a “Professional handmodel. Scrabble champion. And as of 2010, Kulula’s new official travel blogger”.

who is trevI want his job ! so far he has been to Mauritius (he describes it as “It is as beautiful as Angelina Jolie wearing a dress made of the babies she has had with Brad Pitt”), and has also had the honour of staying at Cape Towns Bantry Bay Luxury Suites hotel. Trev doesn’t just travel to great places though, he also hands out a multitude of fun travel tips and resources.

The campaign has only just started but so far so funny, check trev out on facebook, twitter and the “Trev does travel” blog.

This Kulula awesomeness is a brain child of the King James agency.


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