OfficeMax: Elf Yourself


It’s that time of year again and OfficeMax are at it again with the Elf Yourself campaign. This is the 4th year the campaign has been running, during the last three years the site has earned over 284 million visits. If you haven’t ever seen the site, the general point of it is that you get to add up to 5 faces (any pictures or your facebook profile pic) to elf figures, then choose from one of any of 5 sing and dance routines, then sit back and watch you and your friends dance around in elf costumes.

Once you have finished you can embed the videos into your site, email, twitter, share to facebook, myspace or just download the clip to your computer. You can also buy officeMax products with your customised elf self on it such as mugs, calendars mouse mats etc etc. This year they launched the site in true 2009 fashion with a elf flash mob dance in Union Square, New York (click here to see that).

To see me in elf singing action check out the video I made just for you below.

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