WWF/DDB Brazil: 911 ad #EpicFail

After the big scandal over a print ad from DDB Brazil (their website opens to an apology!) for WWF Brazil (original print shown below) comes an even bigger epic fail. Yes as you can see above someone managed to dig out a TV ad in the same manner. All I can say is “What the fuck were they thinking !”.

To read the whole epic fail story and the apology note, check out this post from AdFreak.



Adman at Ogilvy


  1. This ad was in bad taste, I agree, but look at the eyeballs it’s been getting for being so controversial.
    I dont think the eyeballs are the damage to the brand though.

  2. I think the ads brilliant. Powerful. To the point. I see no fail here. It may be controversial but the message is only true and accurate. People have become so sensitive and the hype only goes to prove it. How can we object to the brutal truth and shown to us in the only way that will get us to act. If we don’t listen to the message then we’ll only fail to make the adjustments necessary to turn global warming around. F-ing spot-on is what I say!!!

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