Subway: We’ve got a Sub for that

Nice work from McCann Erickson London for the start of a fresh campaign they are doing for new client, Subway.

The Spot above is the first in a series of themed ads that will start to air on TV in the UK from tonight. McCann issued the following:

"We are pleased to announce that our brand new Subway campaign launches today! Based on the idea that there’s a perfect Sub for any occasion, the campaign uses light-hearted humour to illustrate the idea that “however you feel, whatever you want, we’ve got a Sub for that”. Our TV ads feature a variety of comical situations, from rebellious pedalos to misunderstood hitchhikers, all of which require a very specific, customised type of Sub as a remedy"

Personally I’m keen to find out what a “rebellious pedalo” is !

All the ads feature voice over’s from British comedy genius Rich Fulcher (Better known to some as Bob Fossil from  The Mighty Boosh)

For the two other fun spots click here to see the Subway Hitchhiker, or click here to see the Subway Tattoo spot.


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. “All the ads feature voice over’s from British comedy genius Rich Fulcher”

    Rich Fulcher is American not british 😀

  2. Graham, he is american but he is famous for British comedy.
    He has been in british comedies.
    His comedy shows and stand up shows are in Britain.

    Therefore he is an american who is a British Comedic genius.

  3. I knew it was his voice, man’s a genius!

    Can anybody confirm if it was Matt Berry voicing the talk talk adverts spotify had a few weeks ago?

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