Facebook’s new Über cool home

Just picked this up from one of my main sources of enlightenment Steve Clayton and thought I would share it with you.

Facebook has recently pimped its own main offices in Palo Alto, California. The space was previously a lab facility and is 150,000 square foot !

limitedhype.com says ” The space has been transformed to reflect the company’s core values: creativity, freedom of expression and individuality. The design team at Studio O+A conceived a vibrant, fresh, hip space that is also very green: from restored millwork from the original lab, to high-recycle content carpeting to using repurposed industrial components throughout. The space is very modern and dynamic, just what you’d expect from a company like Facebook. Ironically, employees are even encouraged to write on their walls.”

Am so keen to do something similar with our next offices in Cape Town. On a related note, congrats to FoxP2 for winning a Grand Loerie for their offices in the Communication Design category.  Will talk more about the Loeries tomorrow, needless to say I had a pretty fine weekend.


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