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Its not often I get to write about great local below the line case studies, but luckily King James have been doing a grand job with South Africa’s own favourite milkshake brand; Steri Stumpie.

To start with they managed to find and engage existing fans, rewarding them, and helping them to grow the user generated online presence the brand already had. They also started a dedicated blog (that they update at least a few times a week),a fun twitter account, and have created entertaining and engaging messages for the brand (See the “Hoot if you’re a fan” branded truck picture above)

All the online components are linked together very nicely and used in sync to spread some key actions. Below are some of the main parts I picked up.

  • Aggregate user generated content and positive brands mentions, like articles, pictures, videos, tweets etc
  • Reward fans and influencers (even popular DJ’s as above) with Steri goodie bags. They are doing a great job of this and have produced fun branded T-Shirts, Stickers (even an “iSter” Sticker, see pic below), collectors post cards, funny “Steri Pride” bumper stickers, embroidered badges and lots of tasty product.
  • Through the blog they allow people to nominate friends as official unofficial Steri brand ambassadors. If successful they get featured on the site and get serenaded by a Steri marching band !! (See pic below and click here for a video of them in action)
  • Create very fun billboard posters and even branded the delivery trucks with an engaging message (see pic above)
  • Start Steri Stumpie hunts, where through twitter they give away goodie bags each week in some of the main South African cities. People are given a time, location, date and person to find, the first person there wins the prize (nice simple viral msg)
  • Working with local creative designers they are even creating innovative T-Shirt designs for the different Steri Stumpie flavours and documenting the creative process along the way.

To see what they are up to and find out more go to any of the following links; Steri Blog, Steri twitter, Steri facebook page (they have over 21,000 fans!) or go check out the King James agency blog.

Great work and nice to see it being spearheaded by the fantastic Alex Van Tonder.

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